Studying Abroad - Difficulties and Challenges

Studying abroad may be the key to a wider world, more career opportunities and unforgettable experiences, however, is it true that the other half of the world is always a promising land and all the dreams nurtured before leaving for another country can come true? No. Not everyone can overcome all the difficulties and challenges when living in a foreign country.


Let's start packing! (Part 2)

After packing carry-on luggage, its time for you to think about your check-in baggage. 


Let's start packing! (part 1)

You are counting down to the departure day. You are eager yet worried, happy yet upset. You are too confused when thinking about what to put in your luggage. To deal with this problems, let's have a look at our suggested list.


Tips for Those Flying for the First Time

The flight to your school abroad may be also the first time flying ever for many of you. Thus, you may feel nervous and anxious about this trip. Don't be! Even though lacking experiences may cause many inconveniences, you can have a look at these tips and you'll know what to do or prepare. 


To-Do List During The First Week Abroad

You can make use of the orientation week to get to know about your new living environment and prepare for your life abroad. This is a suggested check-list for your reference.


How to Overcome Culture Shock and Study Effectively

How to overcome culture shock and study effectively is the question shared by all the international students. Here are some suggestions for you to face these problems.

Before departure, do research about the country and the area you are going to move to. Also, try to learn about culture shock to prepare yourselves to cope with it. 


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