How to Overcome Culture Shock and Study Effectively

How to overcome culture shock and study effectively is the question shared by all the international students. Here are some suggestions for you to face these problems.

Before departure, do research about the country and the area you are going to move to. Also, try to learn about culture shock to prepare yourselves to cope with it. 

The key is to accept and respect the differences between the new country and Vietnam. Always be positive and open to new things.

Do not hide yourselves in the room while complaining. Step outside and get involved! You yourselves should seize the chances to make new friends, participate in activities and learn more about the country you're living in. 


Don't be shy even though your English is not very good. Keep practicing and talking to people to improve your language. No one would laugh at you. 

Certainly, you need friends from your home country who have things in common with you, however, do not depend on them too much. Find friends from other countries to learn about different cultures. 

It is totally fine if you feel down and stressed sometimes. Sahre your feelings to people around you. However, do not just complain all the time, you have to try to overcome your problems. No one can do that for you.

The teaching and learning style in western countries is very open and active. No one is there to remind you and show you what to do. You have to be responsible for yourselves. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask! You can ask your classmates, your friends, your professors. If you do not like to ask in front of the class, you can email your professor or make an appointment to see him/her at their office and raise your questions. 

 hay manh dan chia se kho khan voi giao vien

Turn in your assignments on time! If you have any problems which prevent you from finishing them before deadline, con tact your professors in advance to ask for his/her permission to delay due day for your assignments. When having questions about your grades, do not be afraid to make it clear with your teacher. You can even try to ask them if you can do any extra-projects to improve your grades. 


 dung ngai gio tay phat bieu y kien

Raise you voice in class. You do not need to say something profound. And you will not be laughed at for saying out your opinions, even if it is not right. Remember that professors tend to like students who usually participate in class, they can upgrade your result from B+ to A for being active in class.


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