Tips for Those Flying for the First Time

The flight to your school abroad may be also the first time flying ever for many of you. Thus, you may feel nervous and anxious about this trip. Don't be! Even though lacking experiences may cause many inconveniences, you can have a look at these tips and you'll know what to do or prepare. 

 Check carefully the list of things not allowed on board, especially metal and liquid. Be careful with seem-to-be-harmless stuffs like scissors, compasses,... Lotions and facial foam need to be kept in no more than 100ml containers.

Do not wear belts. Wear zipped jackets which are easier to take off when going the screening procedure at the airport. 


Do not sit at the same position too long. Try to move your your body so that your blood can circulate regularly. If possible, stand up and walk for a few minutes after a long time sitting. 



Bring along chewing gum to keep your breath fresh and avoid tinnitus.

You'd better choose suitcases with spinner wheels and do not squeeze too much luggage into it. You can buy stuff for your daily use after arriving. Breakable stuffs need wrapping carefully. clothes should be rolled to save space and avoid creases. 


Leave your information on the suitcases in case they are lost on the way. Also, mark your suitcases so that you can easily recognize them at the baggage claim area. 



Be on your guard! Do not carry strangers' luggage and keep an eye on your luggage all the time.






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