Let's start packing! (part 1)

You are counting down to the departure day. You are eager yet worried, happy yet upset. You are too confused when thinking about what to put in your luggage. To deal with this problems, let's have a look at our suggested list.

First of all, put all of your important paper, document, and valuables in the carry-on luggage and always keep it with you. 

Airplane ticket: double check flight information and print your e-ticket in advance  


Identity papers: including ID, admission letter,... 

Cash and credit card: you will need both of these. Since you will definitely need some cash to spend on the way while it is not safe to have a big amount of cash with you during the whole journey. 


Electronic devices such as laptop, cell-phone, camera, ipod,... 

Food: in case food served on the plane is not bearable to you, bring some snack along. 

Clothes: you need to prepare a clean pair of clothes, warm jacket, scart, gloves in case the weather is cold at the time you arrive. 

Personal hygiene kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, facial foam,...

Especially, it is important to have a notebook with all the contact information with you all the time


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