Let's start packing! (Part 2)

After packing carry-on luggage, its time for you to think about your check-in baggage. 

Clothes: first, save space for your traditional costume, which is not necessary for your daily life but for some kinds of traditional holidays or cultural events. It is essential to search information about the city you are going to move to, specifically its climate to prepare suitable clothes. However, do not bring too many warm clothes from Vietnam since they were not designed for temperate weather. One tip for you: international students usually leave their warm clothes for anyone who need them, thus it is a good way to save money if you contact the students association or student affairs office in advance to get these gifts. 


Food: it may sound strange but sometimes, instant noodle tastes like heaven to international students. Many students survive the first period of time when they are still new to the area or not familiar with the local food thanks to some packs of instant noodle. Also, you can pack some other kinds of snack or junk food. Importantly, the regulation of the Bureau of Immigration about kinds of food allowed to the destined country need to be checked before hand.



Sewing needle and thread: you may not believe it but a roll of thread and several sewing needles can be something you crave for the most during your time away from home. It is hard to find a tailor to help fix your clothes. Many students could never wear their favorite shirt again since one button fell out and they did not have needle and thread to sew it. 


Souvenirs: a souvenir representing your culture is the best gift to give to your professors and friends abroad. It does not need to be expensive but it is meaningful and special in its way. Moreover, through this kind of gifts, you are introducing your culture to the world. 

khan choang la vat ban se luon can den

Pens, rulers, notebooks,... which are necessary for your learning and are wuite expensive. However, do not bring too many of them since they take up lots of space.



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