Dual Bachelor Degree Program on Finance (in collaboration with Feng Chia University-Taiwan)

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1. About Feng Chia University

     Feng Chia University (FCU) was founded in 1961. The university resides in Taichung, which is one of the biggest cities in Taiwan beisde Taipei and Kaohsiung. The city is an ideal place for international students to live and study. FCU has 10 faculties, 15 research institutes and 1249 faculty members. The school has more than 21.200 students (including 1.465 international students), and 170.000 alumni. With 40 bachelor programs, 59 Master programs, and 14 Ph.D. programs, many of which are taught in English, FCU has been favoured by international students for its variety in training programs provided.
     Since 2008, the quality of FCU graduates has always been ranked in top 10 of Taiwan by 1000 leading companies. Moreover, FCU is the only comprehensive university in Taiwan recognized by the Ministry of Education for its "perfect organization - outstanding performance."

2. About the Program

♦ Field of training:  Finance

♦ Length of program:  04 years

♦ Mode of training: 2+2, dual degree

    - Phase 1: 2 years at Ton Duc Thang University

    - Phase 2: 2 years at Feng Chia University

♦ Fees:

    - Tuition phase 1: 18.000.000VND/semester
    - Tuition phase 2: 2.000USD/semester    
Estimated living expenses in Taiwan: about 1000-1500 USD/semester

♦ Time to transfer to phase 2: September every year


    - Ton Duc Thang University issues Bachelor degree on Finance - Banking;
    - Feng Chia University issues bachelor degree on Finance

 Website: http://www.en.fcu.edu.tw

3.  Detail s about the training program

3.1. Objective

a. Knowledge

Students are equipped with ability to understand, evaluates, analyze and apply basic theories in the fields of economics and business administration. The program also provide them with advanced knowledge on finance and banking. Especially, they are going to acquire full understanding of corporate finance management, project analysis, financial report analysis, investment, and auditing.

b. Skills

Students are fully equipped with essential skills to perform bank services and finance consultation in the current competitive economy.

3.2. Career opportunity

Students can work in different positions such as bank officer, auditor, accountant, finance consultant in banks, businesses, inestment foundations,… Besides, students can work as researcher and lecturer in research institutes and education institutions.

3.3. Training program

3.3.1. Phase 1 (at TDTU): click here

3.3.2. Phase 2 (at FCU): click here