Dual Bachelor Degree Program on Tourism Management and Recreation (in collaboration with National Penghu University of Science & Technology – Taiwan)

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1. About National Penghu University of Science & Technology (NPU)

     NPU used to be a part of Kaohsien Maritime College Division, which was established in August, 1991. The school was developed to become “National Penghu University of Science and Technology” in August 1, 2005. Currently, NPU is a prestigious university within the Taiwanese public university network. With high standard facilities and teaching staff, the university has won its leading position in the fields of Tourism, Sports and Marine Recreation. Especially, the university has got great support and investment from the Government of Taiwan is strongly developed to meet the human resource needs of the tourism industry.

2. About the Program

♦ Field of training: Tourism Management and Recreation

♦ Length of program:  04 years

♦ Mode of training: 2+2dual degree

    - Phase 1: 2 years at TDTU;

    - Phase 2: 2 years at NPU

♦ Fees:

    - Tuition phase 1: 18.000.000 VND/semester
    - Tuition phase 2: 1.770 USD/ semester
Estimated living expenses in during phase 2: about 1.000-1.500 USD/semester

♦ Time to transfer to phase 2: September every year.


+ TDTU issues the Bachelor Degree on Vietnamese Studies, specialised in Tourism and Tourism Management;

+ NPU issues the Bachelor Degree of Businesss Management on Tourism and Leisure.


3.  Detail s about the training program

3.1. Phase 1 (at TDTU): click here

3.2. Phase 2 (at NPU): click here