Dual Bachelor Degree Program on Business Administration (in collaboration with University of Economics in Prague)

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1. About University of Economics in Prague

     University of Economics in Prague (VSE), founded in 1953, is the biggest public university of economics in the Czech Republic. At the 2008 Eduniversal Awards, Prague University of Economics was awarded the title of "No.1 Business School in Eastern Europe", becoming one of the top 27 business schools in the world. Currently, University of Economics in Prague has 06 faculties and about 17,000 students (more than 10% of which are foreign students). The university has more than 800 staff member, 65% of them are holding Doctoral degree or Professor title.

     Since VSE is applying European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), its graduates have the opportunities to persue further study in other universities in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands,…). The university also has strong connection with education and research institutions in the world including those from Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam,…

2. About the Program

Field of training: Business Administration

♦ Length of program:  04 years

♦ Mode of training: 2+2dual degree

    - Phase 1: 2 years at TDTU;

    - Phase 2: 2 years at VSE


    - Tuition phase 1: 25.000.000 VND/semester
    - Tuition phase 2: 1.800 EUR/ semester + administration fee 75 EUR/semester
Estimated living expenses in during phase 2: about 1.250-1.500 EUR/semester

♦ Time to transfer to phase 2: September every year.


+ TDTU issues the Bachelor degree of Business Administration;

+ VSE issues the Bachelor degree of Business Administration.


3.  Detail s about the training program

3.1. Phase 1 (at TDTU): click here

3.2. Phase 2 (at VSE): click here