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Innovation,Excellence,and Internationalization

    NCUE aspires to become a first-rate university that equally emphasizes teaching, research, and service in order to foster students' general and professional knowledge, improve our faculty's professionalism, achieve national and international recognition, enhance our competitive edge, and achieve sustainable development. The following guidelines are proposed in order to fulfill these aspirations: 1. Enhance administrative effectiveness.
2. Set up a development committee.
3. Actively raise funds and use resources effectively.
4. Foster a democratic and harmonious climate.
5. Integrate campus planning.
6. Continuously facilitate NCUE's transformation and develop a solid reputation.
7. Encourage each department or graduate institute to develop its distinctive features.
8. Improve teaching quality and stimulate academic researches.
9. Enhance inter-collegiate and international exchange and cooperation.
10.Raise the quality of our student body and further cultivate teacher qualifications.
11.Promote extensive add recurrent education programs.
12.Seek donations from alumni and continual caring for retired faculty and staff.
13.Actively promote or participate in regional strategic alliances.
14.Cherish the local culture and promote interactions with neighboring communities.
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A Brief History of NCUE

  • 1745 
    Bai-Sha Shu Yuan (Ganghak, traditional education institutes) located in the Changhua city and near Jin-De campus
  • Jan. 1970 ~ July 1971 
    Bai-Sha Shan Zhuang
  • Aug. 1971 ~ Jun. 1980 
    Provincial Taiwan College of Education
  • Aug. 1989 ~ Present 

Uncovers the sign The education institute uncovers the sign

Evolution of NCUE

  • 1971
    • was called Taiwan Provincial College of Education. (TPCE)
    • Only 3 departments within TPCE.
  • 1980
    • was renamed as the National Taiwan College of Education. (NTCE)
    • put under the direct governance of the Ministry of Education.
  • 1989
    • was renamed again as National Changhua University of Education. (NCUE)
    • 9 departments within 3 colleges.
  • 2000
    • The college of Arts was founded
  • 2002
    • Engineering and College of Business was founded.
  • 2004
    • College of Social Science and Physical Education was created.
  • 2005
    • There are 7 colleges, with 20 undergraduate programs, 36 master programs and 13 PhD programs within NCUE.
    • The new administrative team has set its goals on innovation, distincion, and 
      internationalization, striving to create a new image for NCUE.
  • 2008
    • There are 7 colleges, with 21 undergraduate programs, 45 master programs and 
      15 PhD programs within NCUE.
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