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  •  2014 photo 2014Five DSU Projects Selected by University for Creative Korea (CK)
  •  2013 :photo 2013

Top 50 for Internationalization among Asian Universities - QS with Chosun Ilbo

1st in Regional Job Placement; 7th in Korea

  • - In “Group B”: 2000 – 3000 annual graduates

* 2012 :photo 2012 Leading University for Academic-Industrial Cooperation (LINC)
- Ministry of Education, Science and Technolog

* 2011photo 2011 : Selected for Educational Competence Strengthening (also in 2009 and 2010) - Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

* 2007photo 2007 : Top 8 among Leading Universities for Best Global Campus
- JoongAng Ilbo

* 2005 : photo 2005Top 4 Nationally in Innovation and Competitiveness
- Samsung Economic Research Institute

* 2004photo 2004Five Areas Selected in New University for Regional Innovation Project (NURI)
- Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development

* 2003photo 2003 : Ranked among the Best Regional Universities (also in 2002)
- Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development

* 2002 : photo 2002National Best in Liberal Arts and Design
- Korean Council for University Education

* 2001 : photo 2001Excellence in Education Reform (also in 1996, 1998, 2000)
- Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development

* 2000 : photo 2000Flagship University in Digital Design (DIDIC)
- Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

* 1998photo 1998 :Excellence in University-Community Connection
- Ministry of Education

* 1996photo 1996 : Excellence in University Informatization Rankings
- Dong-A Ilbo


  Dr. Sung Man Chang (also known as “Min Seok”) founded the Dongseo Educational Foundation in 1965 with the aim of spreading education based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. At present, the Dongseo Educational Foundation has given rise to three different institutions of higher education: Kyoungnam College of Information and Technology (1965), Dongseo University (1992), and Busan Digital University (2002). Together these three institutions – KIT, DSU and BDU – educate around 20,000 students annually and employ over 1,000 professors and staff.

  Following upon the developments of KIT, authorization was granted in 1992 for DSU to accept 400 students to 8 majors (40 in Mathematics, 80 in Electronic Technology, 80 in Computer Technology, 40 in Industrial Technology, 40 in Environmental Technology, 40 in Chemical Engineering, 40 in Food Science, and 40 in Industrial Design). At that time, DSU operated under the name Dongseo College of Technology. 
  One year later, in 1993, the name was changed to Dongseo University of Technology, and in 1995, while Founder Dr. Sung Man Chang was serving as its third president, the school assumed the current name of Dongseo University.

  In 1999, Dr. Sung Man Chang was elected First Chairman of the Busan Christian Organization – after long service as Minister, Statesman, and Educator. He was succeeded by Dr. Dong Soon Park, who left her role as Executive Director of KIT to become DSU’s fourth president.
  Dr. Dong Soon Park served three consecutive terms as president of Dongseo University, during which the school underwent remarkable development and global expansion. In 2011, Dr. Park retired and was succeeded by Dr. Jekuk Chang, who now serves as the eighth president of Dongseo University.
  Throughout its history, DSU has remained committed to its founding principles of creating graduates possessed of faith, hope, and love in the spirit of Jesus Christ. By offering students the best educational opportunities, it is hoped that Dongseo University graduates will serve their communities through what they have learned as upstanding global citizens.


1. Main Campus

The Main Campus of Dongseo University spans an area of 82 acres on a scenic mountainside in central Busan. It consists of 24 primary buildings equipped with the best classroom, laboratory and special research facilities in the region. The world-class infrastructure at DSU has been steadily developing throughout its relatively short history. Dongseo was the first university in Korea to develop a campus-wide, high-speed information network, and it was also the first to develop a WiBro campus. Today, students stay connected using free Wifi services covering the entire campus grounds.
2. Centum Campus

The new Centum Campus of Dongseo University is in the Haeundae area of Busan at the center of the city’s film and media district. Haeundae is also the location of the city’s most popular beach and the world’s largest department store. The 18-storey campus complex, with 2 basement levels, has state-of-the-art classrooms, studios, labs, and musical auditoriums including the Sohyang Art Hall. It is home to DSU’s Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts and the Im Kwon Taek Film Museum.


3. U.S.A/China Branches


Since 2011, Dongseo University has operated a branch campus at Hope International University in Fullerton, California. As part of its SAP-USA program, DSU sends 100 students annually to its U.S.A. branch campus with support provided for travel, tuition, and living expenses. Dongseo University also operates its Advanced Business Management Program at the branch campus at Hope International University.





DSU was the first Asian university to receive ratification from the Chinese government for the opening of a 4-year college in China. Its branch campus there, which is jointly operated with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, is named the Korea-China Institute of International Education. As part of its SAP-China program, DSU sends 200 students annually to its China branch campus with support provided for travel, tuition, and living expenses.


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