Research groups

 There are currently Research Groups at TDTU:

1. Division of Computational Mechanics (DCM)

2. Healthcare Supporting Technologies (HST)

3. Division of Computational Mathematics and Engineering (CME, INCOS)

4. Division of Construction Computation (DCC, INCOS)

5. Division of Computational Mechatronics (DCME, INCOS)

6. Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP)

7. Division of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis (ATNA)

8. Bone and Muscle Research Group (BMRG)

9. Environmental Quality, Atmospheric Science and Climate Change Research Group (EAAC)

10. Modeling Evolutionary Algorithms Simulation and Artificial Intelligence (MERLIN)

11. Division of Data Science (DDS)

12. Division of Knowledge and System Engineering for ICT (KSE-ICT)

13. Environmental Engineering and Management Research Group (EEM_RG)

14. Green Energy Technology Research Group (GET)

15. Power System Optimization Research Group (PSO)

16. Applied Analysis Research Group (AA-RG)

17. Computational Chemistry Research Group (COMCHEM)

18. Theoretical Physics Research Group (TPG)

19. Quantitative Research in Financial Markets Research Group (QRFM)

20. International Marketing and Management Research Group (IMMR)

21. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Group (IER)

22. Natural Products and Industrial Biochemistry Research Group (NPIB)

23. Nonlinear Analysis Research Group (NARG)

24. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Environment Research Group (SREM)

25. Plant Abiotic Stress Research Group (PAS)

26. Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Research Group (TPPC)

27. Wireless Communications Research Group

28. Air Pollution Reasearch Group (APG)

29. Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Research Group (AMOG)

30. Division of Computational Physics (DCP)

31. Computing and Design Bionanochemistry Research Group (CODEBIO)

32. Simulation in Materials Science Research Group (SMS)

33. Informetrics Research Group (INFORMETRICS)

34. Computational Materials Physics Research Group (CMP)

35. Ceramics and Biomaterials Research Group (CBM)

36. Evidence Based Medicine Research Group (EBM)

37. Sustainable Developments in Civil Engineering Research Group (SDCE)

38. Arthropod Ecology and Biological Control Research Group (AEBC)

39. Laser Applications Research Group (LARG)

40. Computational Analysis Research Group (CAG)

41. SocialTech Research Group (SocialTech)

42. Optoelectroncics Research Group (OPTO)

43. Green Processing, Bioremediation and Alternative Energies Research Group (GPBAE)

44. Advanced Functional Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications Research Group (AFMEE)

45. Algebra and Geometry Research Group (ARG)

46. Geographic Information Science Research Group (GIS)

47.Toxicology and Biomedicine Research Group (TBR)

48. Conducting polymers in composites and applications Research Group (CPCA)

49. Smart Agriculture Research and Application Team (SARAT)

50. Innovative Green Product Synthesis and Renewable Environment Development Research Group (IGRED)

51. Parametric MultiObjective Optimization Research Group (PMO)





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